Welcome to Nai Tech. Find time to visit us and interract with us online or at our offices. We are a young, but leading electronics firm in the region and are looking forward to expanding beyond our regional borders.
We work daily to provide innovative & evolutionary solutions to our clients. We welcome all prospective partners and clients to contact us & schedule a meeting. We believe in the sharing of ideas and interraction in the fields so as to fine tune service provision and solution creation.
We have a solid footprint in the following areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Supporting the integration of ICT in Education for the masses
  • Provision of QUALITY Business machines suited for the African market
  • EdTech, AgriTech, FinTech, FeTech, Artech, etc
  • Tech solutions in Health
  • Let’s make Your Business tech compliant

  • Let’s make Your Tech Dream Valid

  • Let’s give you working tech solutions

  • Let’s offer you reliable Tech Solutions

Corporate Innovations

We have a proven track record in offering customised Innovative Tech & Business solutions for corporates.


We offer a range of professional consultancy solutions to organizations & individuals.

Competitive prices

We ensure that we keep our prices at competitive levels and largely affordable to our clients.


We believe in, & enable effective communication at all levels of business. This creates value along the business chain.